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Thursday, 23 May 2013

All Dressed Up

4 Piece Bedroom Set

This is a 4 piece set (I've included the mirror, bench, vanity desk and dresser) which I have had waiting for a makeover for a while now. It was so pretty, and I wanted to do something special with it. I had to post this picture because you can see Lucy perfectly in the mirror, sitting on top of the couch doing neighbourhood watch.....

One of my most "pinned" on Pinterest items is a dresser I did last year in a coral colour. As coral is super on-trend this year, I thought I would give this pretty set a trendy makeover with coral, navy and bronze.

The vanity desk is really adorable and has such nice deco lines. There is a ton of storage with 4 deep drawers plus the desk top area. The matching bench is the icing on the cake.

The dresser is a great size ~ especially if you want to use this in a young girl's room. It is not too tall, but with 4 drawers, it provides a good amount of storage with easy access.

The wooden knobs have been sprayed using a Benjamin Moore spray bomb in Deep Secret (CSP-625) and the original detail with the bronze lines has been duplicated.

I used a pretty fabric with coral, pinks, yellow and turquoise so it would work well with other colours in your decor.

The coral I used is Benjamin Moore's Coral Spice ~ a slightly more sophisticated coral tone ~ a bit less saturated than some.

This is a very sweet set and priced to go fast. I have it displayed at Airdrie Paint and Decor and it can be viewed or purchased from the friendly staff there.

The sizes are as follows:

26 inches wide
16 inches deep
43 inches high

36 inches wide
16 inches deep 
30.5 inches high (not including mirror)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Little Vanity Project

This was a little project that I did for a friend a few months ago. I haven't been doing a lot of custom work as I find that I just don't have much time for it, but I was excited to do this for my sweet friend Jamie...

Jamie and her husband had embarked on a HUGE reno project in their house. Basically they transformed their 90's, slightly dated house into a beautiful modern home that really reflects their personalities. As you go through it, there are so many thoughtful touches which make it unique. They could charge admission to see the amazing water feature in one of the kids' rooms just for her pet turtle alone.

Part of the renovation was creating a room just for Jamie. She was using it as her office, dressing room and quiet space. We found this little vanity on kijiji. It had been painted previously, but I decided to jazz it up a little more. Jamie already had a desk in her room that I had painted for her earlier and she really wanted them to feel like they went together. She had also found some really fun fabric to incorporate so I used those as my cues and went from there.

It is so cute and really adds a little extra character to an already very personalized space.

It adds a little extra storage for her jewels and makeup.

This fabric is so pretty! Modern but still whimsical. It also gave me an opportunity to pull out my favourite turquoise for the bench too.

Feminine detailing and curvy legs make it all her own.

 These vanity sets can be a little hard to find second hand, but they are totally worth the effort to transform them into something extra special.