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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Treasure Hunting

This past week I have had some company and been trying to get in all the promised activities for my kids before they head back to school. It has not given me a lot of opportunity to work, but I have had a super week shopping around and hunting for unique pieces to reform.

I almost fainted dead away with joy when I saw this hiding in a corner at my local thrift store.

It is a mid century bookcase that stores the books on a bit of an angle. I brought this baby home with me in a hurry! When my husband saw it, he really wanted to keep it so I don't know if I will be able to part with it. 

Through an amazing series of kijiji discussions, I was able to bring some really unusual pieces home. I think that both of these are custom made. They are so cool and unique that I really wanted to have them.

This looks like a jewelry box. It is SO heavy ~ solid wood and the drawers are all lined with velvet. Behind each door a little piece of wood slides out to store rings and necklaces. Have you ever seen anything like it? I am really not sure what I will do with it, but I hated to see it hidden away. So much thought and effort went into the design.

This was from the same seller and it is just as cool. I believe that this is also custom made. I love the size and the little storage area for records or magazines. It is also VERY heavy!

Last but not least I found this funky little bench in the city on a hunt last week with my daughter:

It is in very rough condition, but should be a really great piece once we work on it a little bit. I can just see it with some great fabric and new paint. I have some big plans for this sad little guy!

And look what else I have discovered?

My 11 year old is a super sander! He does love to work ~ so I found a great way to get him started.... 

I have a couple of new pieces that are very close to being finished and I hope to get them listed shortly. I also have several commissioned works that I will be ready to share in the next week or so. 

I hope that everyone is enjoying a fabulous summer!

Monday, 8 August 2011


Last week was a busy time for finishing up some commissions. My daughter was at camp and my son was spending some quality time with his grandparents doing things like go-carting and playing mini golf ~ things his parents never do with him. I like to think it is because I just want my parents to get the rock-star status. I am generous like that....

First of all I finished this cabinet for Devin:

She and her family have recently moved into a beautiful new house and they are busy putting their touch on it. They had this old cabinet found at a garage sale.

It was old and very rustic and extremely heavy! Initially we were going to go with a white distressed treatment, but then she was inspired to try something a little more bold. I painted it with my current favourite blue from Ben Moore to coordinate with some wallpaper they had chosen for their new dining room.

It now has a very cottage-y feel to it. I added some distressing on the areas which already showed the most bumps and dents. Sometimes the risk with colour can really pay off ~ thanks Devin!

Next up is another returning customer with some nightstands that have been in the family for many years. They were so lovely, but needed some refinishing. Rhonda also wanted to take a risk with some colour. We coordinated the new colour to some linens in her bedroom and made a transformation.


(this is turning into a very swear-y post as the pictures ARE. NOT. LOADING.) Ahem.


(Thank-you evil blog fairies for cooperating...)

At the time she picked them, we still had not found the right new pulls, so I just painted the originals black and returned them to the drawers so that the drawers would be functional until new ones are found.

Rhonda was also looking for a new cabinet for her bathroom. I happened to have a brother to the cabinet I had just listed in the blue so I finished it for her to go with her bathroom in a very pale and creamy grey.

She also went home with my gallery shelf! 

Thank you so much to these fantastic clients who are willing to take a risk with some awesome furniture!

I also had someone contact me about this bench I had in my bedroom with the fantastic fabric. I did let it go as I have another bench to do for that spot. Now I "have" to pick new fabric.... 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Back to Black

2 Black Tables

Side Table with Drawer

I am posting two tables today as I finished them both this afternoon and they have some things in common. They are black and they are tables. Right...

So first up was a perfect candidate for an upcycle. It was a perfect little table with a drawer and an open area ~ very sturdy and in perfect shape, but SO dated and boring.

This was just screaming for a make over. I took off the legs and sprayed them silver and black and also reused an old leftover drawer pull from another project. I primed and painted it black and then lightly distressed the edges. The glam factor went up with the metallic wallpaper peeking out from the interior as well as lining the drawer.

17.25" wide
16" deep
22.75" high

To purchase this table, please email me or see the ad here.

Two Storey Black Table

This is a really great sized table. It is so great to have the extra storage area on the bottom. I did this one the with the same black paint as the other table but the unique carving on the table top really pops with the distressed edges. It started out fairly basic:

I am so pleased with how the black makes it really special.

30.5" long
18.5" wide
18" high

To purchase this table, email me directly or contact me through the kijiji ad here.

I have several commissioned pieces that I hope to finish in the next day or so that I am excited to share! Through the magic of kijiji I have also scored some great finds that I think I might try to use in my own home.... Stay tuned!