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Thursday, 23 February 2012

February 23, 2012

{Chevron Striped Bistro Table}

A few weeks ago Kristin, the creative owner of ReFind Clothing in Olds contacted me about a bistro table project for her amazing store. She had a small space which she wanted available to customers to sit and have a cup of tea or wait for a friend in the fitting room. The budget was fairly modest (my specialty) and so I started a Kijiji search. This was what I found ~ dirt cheap and in perfect condition, but completely lacking in any personality.

Kristin shared the colours she envisioned, but left the rest up to me. I have been seeing chevron stripes everywhere and was dying to try some. This seemed like a great opportunity! 

I wanted them to be even so I made a template out of cardboard to trace so that each stripe would be the same. After painting each piece the base colour, I taped off the stripes using Frogtape (of course!). In order to give it a little more character I aggressively distressed each piece letting the layers of colour and a bit of the wood show through.

I love the sunny and slightly beachy, vintage feel the colours gave to this previously sedate little set.

I used Benjamin Moore Bedside Yellow and Florida Keys Blue for the colour combo. The Florida Keys Blue is a perfect vintage turquoise.

I delivered it yesterday to the store and Kristin sent me a picture of it ready to receive her tea drinking customers....

Be sure to stop by the store and try it out!

Friday, 17 February 2012

February 17, 2012 (One Year Anniversary!)


One year ago today I launched hour25 with the hope that I could share some of my love of transforming the old and ugly into something desirable and useful. It has been such a great year and I could not have fathomed the response I have received from the online world. I have met such great people through the blog and through Kijiji and I have had a lot of fun doing it.

As a thank you to everyone who reads my very NON regular posts and "likes" my Facebook page at the beginning of the month I offered a BookPage Wreath as a "prize".... I have contacted the winner Heather D ~ if you would like to have a wreath of your very own (and you are not Heather D), please go to ReFind in Olds and check out the selection there. If you are not in the Olds area, just let me know and I would be happy to make one for you too.

Again, thank you so much! I am so excited for the year ahead.... and I am thinking of another giveaway!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

February 15, 2012

{Twin Nightstands}

The great thing about getting brand new furniture for yourself is that it leaves you with old dated stuff to transform! I love the idea of taking Mom and Dad's old stuff and reworking it into something custom and special for the kids.

Jamie and her husband bought themselves beautiful new bedroom furniture a few years ago and had demoted their wedding era pieces to the guest room. They were really solid pieces, just dated and needing some extra TLC. Their family is in the middle of a massive renovation project ~ the perfect time to re-invent some of these classics. Jamie has twin 9 year old girls who are each getting a new bedroom in the reno and they each needed a new nightstand. Time to resurrect these bad boys from the guest room!

There were two nightstands like this. That green was a pleasure to repaint!

Each girl has a very unique personality and has chosen a theme for her room. The colours are similar so we decided to pick a colour that would work in both, but I wanted to be sure that each girl felt that her piece was special for her. These girls are a very big part of my own daughter's life and so they are special to me too. I did a little extra shopping on etsy to find hardware that would go with each one's chosen theme and personality.

First of all, I chose a colour that was inspired by the turquoise that I used a lot last year. It is fun and bright, but I decided to chose a colour close to it, but a little toned down. This is Florida Keys Blue from Ben Moore.

For the first nightstand, I had a little fun with the beach theme that S chose. I had some old pulls from the nursery hutch I did in January that I thought would be perfect with a little touch up. I sprayed one green and thought it was adorable! The bonus being that I was able to reuse it!

A few weeks ago I came across a large selection of vintage wallpaper samples in a thrift store for $.25! I chose one that matched perfectly for the drawer.

Its like I planned it!

For the second stand, I painted it the same colour, but E is crazy for horses so I wanted to add a little horsey-ness to this one. I found a rustic pull online and painted it ivory and distressed it a bit.

This looks pretty cute, right?

I used some pretty wallpaper that has been shown here before.....

The stands looked so pretty without the doors so for now, we are leaving them off. They are actually painted and ready to attach, so if needed, they can be put back on. 

I love the way they coordinate, but still reflect each girls' personality in a subtle way.

Hand me downs can look terrific!

Monday, 13 February 2012

February 13, 2012

{A Mexican Makeover}

Before Christmas I was talking to my friend Pam and she told me that she had this Mexican style table and chairs that she had scored at a garage sale for a steal a few years ago. She knew it had potential but she had never got around to doing anything with it. The combination of a huge house renovation and her husband threatening to take it to the dump was enough to get her to call me.... Yay!

This is where things started:

There were six chairs and this really cool table with a very rustic quality. They had been infused with some sort of oil so the wood was very smooth. In the picture above, you can see that one of the chairs had needed a repair, which Pam's neighbour kindly took care of.

Since the kitchen had been freshly remodelled, Pam wanted the table and chairs to fit in the eating area and look like they belonged there. Her new cabinets are an off-white with black accents throughout. We decided to do the table black to provide a solid grounding and to also do two of the chairs black. The remaining four chairs I painted ivory white and heavily distressed them to let some of the wood show through again.

Pam is a fantastic photographer so she was kind enough to take a few pictures for me to share of the table and chairs in her amazing home.

I rubbed the paint along the wood detail on the table top to showcase some of the interesting lines.

One of the remaining chairs still needs a little repair so she doesn't have the black ones set up yet. I am just finishing the second one and they turned out great as well!

This was such a fun project ~ especially as the before and after is so dramatic! Thanks to Pam for trusting me to do this for her in her lovely, lovely home.

PS ~ Reminder that on friday I will be making a draw for a BookPage Wreath to give away to anyone who is able to manage a pick up here in Airdrie. Simply leave a comment here or on my Facebook page and let me know! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

February 8, 2012

{Navy Blue 3-Drawer Dresser}


I have had this little guy sitting in my basement for a couple of months. When I saw him, I knew he needed a fun make-over, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.

I really liked the handles and the simple lines. I do a lot of more feminine pieces, so I wanted to try something for the boys (not that this would be for a boy specifically, but you know, generally...) I loved the way the colours worked with the desk I did in January and I decided use that as inspiration for this dresser.

I primed it and painted it a nice light navy blue from Benjamin Moore. I went with orange on the legs and mirror support as well as on the slim little line details on the double handled drawer. I used the original hardware and sprayed it a cheery green.

It is lightly distressed so any distressing added by an active kiddo will not be a problem! I am thrilled with how cheerful this sweet guy seems.

32.75" high (58" with mirror)
33" wide
15.75" deep

If you are interested in this item, please email me at or check out the kijiji ad here.

{Sofa, So Good Table}


This is an fantastic sofa table with really great lines and subtle detail. I picked it up on Kijiji looking like this:

This is screaming of the 90s. The honey blond needed a touch up... This is solid oak and a really lovely piece, but please!

I painted it using a dark grey called Midsummer Night from Benjamin Moore (one of my favourite neutrals right now). I tried to distress it mainly to highlight the details on the apron area and the legs. I am such a sucker for a sofa table and I don't know why...

47" wide
28" high
18.25" deep

Drop me an email if you are interested in this beauty or check out the kijiji ad here.

As always, I am ready to rework something that you may already own. I am starting to look at booking into March already so let me know if you are considering a project and we can talk about what you would like to see!

Don't forget to leave a comment here (if you can ~ there have been a few problems with comments it seems...) or on my Facebook page if you would like to win a BookPage Wreath from hour25 on Feb 17 (my first anniversary!). You just need to be able to get it from me in Airdrie (you can send your 3rd cousin if you wish!).

Saturday, 4 February 2012

{Give Away!}

In about 2 weeks it will be a year since I nervously launched this site and I could never have imagined what the results have been! It has been so amazing and I love the emails and comments of support. The best part has been meeting a great community of people who see value in the ugly and possibility in what looks no longer useful.

As a thank you, I want to give away a BookPage Wreath to someone. If you would like to *enter*, you just need to be able to pick it up in Airdrie. Simply leave a comment on the hour25 Facebook page or on this post. I will draw a random name on Feb 17 (my official anniversary) and someone will be the proud owner of an hour25 creation. 

Thanks for being part of this!