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Monday, 21 February 2011

A Rustic Window View

Rustic Window 

What a relief to have my first piece sold! It was snapped up within a day ~ I am so excited to have it find a new home with Erin. I hope that she will enjoy it. 

I have another item to list. This one is not upcycled so much as just cleaned up. 

This is an old wood window with 8 little panes. The frame is a good size ~ about 24"H x 45"W.  I removed the old glass and the stubborn putty used to hold it in place then sanded the frame and did a few little repairs to the wood. I debated painting it, but I really like the way the layers of paint and wood show through. There is a layer of white and a peachy shade  and a bluish-green layer as well as the wood. It would make a lovely statement on a mantle or hanging on a wall with other pictures hanging within the individual frames. This is the kind of thing that has limitless possibilities when decorating.

Here you can see a few of the layers showing through a little better.

I am also beyond thrilled to have my first commission piece to start on. It is a little end table and I am really looking forward to getting started on it. 

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback and patience as I am working on getting my little business up and running. I am so encouraged!


Dawn said...

Absolutely love that frame!
Would look wonderful hanging in my newly finished basement:))

Cedrick Finly said...

You have any idea if it got repainted? Anyway, I think it would look really gorgeous if they did! I hope the buyer could share some photos. Just curious. =p