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Monday, 28 February 2011

Play it Again Bench

Play it Again Bench

We are back to extreme winter here in southern Alberta. It is snowing and blowing and disgusting considering it will be March tomorrow. Let's distract ourselves with something pretty then...

This is a charming little bench that would be perfect as an end table beside your sofa, chair, or bedside. 

It measures approximately 13 3/4" D x 24 1/2" W x 22"H. 

It is appealing as a little table, but it has a great surprise! Having lived formally as a piano bench, this table comes with storage ~ just enough for books, cards, or whatever little treasures you need close by. I think it would work as a hidden station for charging iPhones and games too. Functional and pretty!

It is lined with some more of that leftover wallpaper and painted a crisp white with just a little distressing to add definition to the legs and edges.

For a smooth finish it has been rubbed with a layer of wax. I am really learning to love the feel of this finish. I let it harden overnight and then gave it another polish. The beauty of wax is that if it loses some of that lustre, it is easy to buff it back to beautiful with a soft cloth and a little elbow grease.

I think that this charmer would be ideal at the end of a little girl's bed too. I know in our house it would be full of important things like hair accessories, jewelry, and Playmobil in about 2 seconds. Just close the lid and it all disappears....

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