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Monday, 14 November 2011

Dressed Up

Things have been selling well at the Rosebud Mercantile so I have been working to fill in a few of the empty spots. The nasty GI virus that is afflicting everyone hit my house hard the past 5 days resulting in sick kids and me compulsively cleaning and bleaching whatever I could. I have so far avoided it by some miracle so I hope my momma immunity superpowers continue to stay strong.

In the meantime, I had Erica contact me to do a dresser for her. I had just spotted a beautiful dresser at the local Salvation Army so I grabbed it. It was long and had 9 drawers!


It was in great shape and didn't need many repairs. Erica had requested a beautiful blue from Benjamin Moore called Province Blue. I lightly distressed the edges and replaced the hardware with some vintage pulls I had some access to (I have a great kijiji-ing friend!). I sprayed the hardware a pale grey using Krylon spray paint and primer and lightly distressed these as well.


I think it looks so pretty now and the blue colour with the grey hardware is just a little unexpected. After lining the drawers with a pretty paper and finishing the whole piece off with a wax polish, the project was complete! Erica came with her guy tonight and picked it up. It will give her some extra storage and look gorgeous at the same time!

I love that I was able to reuse vintage hardware to help keep the costs down and recycle too!

I have a few challenging pieces ahead of me that I am looking forward to attacking...

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