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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

March 14, 2012

{Rosebud Mercantile Part 2}

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that this past December I had the privilege of putting a selection of my pieces in the Mercantile at the theatre in Rosebud, Alberta. That was Part 1... and makes today Part 2. The Spring Show starts this weekend and I made the absolutely beautiful drive out east with my husband Tim. He is off work this week and decided to come with me and also loaded my vehicle for me this morning (that's love baby). Getting all of this stuff into my SUV is no easy task but he managed to magically make it all fit. I was also able to work on my knitting homework without getting (very) carsick ~ it is a straight road, thank goodness. The knitting is probably worth a separate post ~ let's just say that I am not skilled at the needle arts and this project I am working on will take me FOREVER to complete. I might get kicked out of knitting school.

So, back to Rosebud...

I just wanted to share a few of the pieces that I brought out there today.

Chevron Striped Nightstand with Flower Glass Knob.
Pale Avocado and Florida Keys Blue.

Black Shabby Ladder. Love this for displaying funky stuff.

Trying out a bit of a different technique for a BookPage Wreath. I tea-stained a paperback first. A bit of a shabby feel.

Oval BookPage Wreath with Berries and Green.

Square Music Sheet Wreath with Willow and Green.

Large Illustrated BookPage Wreath. I made this from discarded children's books. LOVE the way it turned out!

Small Shabby Leaner Ladder.

Lovely pair of side tables with drawer in Florida Keys Blue.

Super Shabby White Pressback Chair. I love these old chairs as a side table... so much character!

I also included a few wired frames and dry erase frames as well as some other tables and a bookcase and other little charmers that are looking for a new home.

Val and I worked together to get it all set up in the newly renovated space. I am so pleased how it all came together.

I am so pleased with my lovely corner of the Mercantile. There is a sweet gift shop around the corner as well with some very charming looking items. Cindy was unpacking a lot of goodies this morning...

Val is also installing a few large art pieces from local artists in the Mercantile as well as in the Gallery just down the road. It is worth the stop in to check it all out!


Dawn Stiles said...

Lisa, so many lovely things! I am sure they will be sold out in no time!

hour25 said...

Thanks Dawn. It is fun to put together!

Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase??? I am interested in a couple items you have!
Jeanine @