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Saturday, 10 March 2012

March 10, 2012

{Sunshine Cabinet}

I love it when I get repeat business! It is a good sign... 

I recently did the black and white rustic table and chair makeover for Pam. She had another treasure in her garage that needed some extra attention. It was such a great piece ~ in need of some loving and not in pristine condition, but just really cool.

The top portion sits on the bottom desk section. I just loved the stained glass, but it didn't really pop as a feature the way it could. It had a little water damage and was warped in a few places so a rustic treatment seemed like the way to go.

The plan was for it to go into her 13 year old daughter's recently repainted bedroom. We chose some colours to go with the decor and I stirred up the paint!

I painted it Pale Avocado from Benjamin Moore on the outside and Ivory White on the inside of the shelving area. I wanted to be sure that the glass became the best feature!

The shelves are quite narrow so will be good for display items and smaller books.

I kept the original wood finish on the interior of the desk to add some interest and also because it would be really difficult to do a good job painting in all those cubbies!

Pam wanted to change the hardware on the drawers to something a bit lighter and prettier so I found some inexpensive crystal pulls at Home Depot. Look at the sparkle!

There are some pretty stamped details under the drawers and the legs are an awesome rope style.

The front of the door to the cabinet reflected the same design feature.

I sprayed the existing keyholes with a gloss white and distressed them a little bit as well. 

I think that this will be a great character piece for this teenager to have in her room and could potentially follow her as she moves on to college and beyond. I love the result!

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