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Monday, 27 August 2012

New Listing!

I think that I am back to a more or less regular schedule, although I think I will need to change my listing day from Monday.... I need to see how things go with the kids back to school, etc. 

I have to apologize for the "staging" of this piece. My husband has been out of commission with an ACL repair and so I don't have the extra set of muscles to help me move this into the house. It is pretty big and heavy so I decided to leave it in my garage. If it is not enough to catch a glimpse of the bikes and dusty floor, it is also garbage day in our neighbourhood so if you look carefully, you can see our trash bags reflected in the glass of this pretty piece. I just ask you to use your imagination!

Shabby China Cabinet

This piece has been primed and then painted a very creamy white. There is lots of distressing on the details to give it some shabby flair. 

I lined the back with a chocolate wallpaper with a cream diamond pattern. It adds a bit of a contemporary flavour....

(the double image is a result of the refection in the glass shelves)

This cabinet is perfect for displaying a collection on the glass shelves (with a plate groove along the back wood support) as there is a light which shows everything off in an elegant way.

There is also lots of storage down below with 2 large doors and a shelf as well as a drawer for cutlery or smaller items.

This is a large and functional cabinet with a very neutral palette that would be at home in many types of settings.

It measures
70 inches high
42.75 inches wide
16 inches deep

It is large and is one piece so it will require a truck, suv or van to move it. It fit nicely into the back of my brother's minivan with no problem (thank-you Ben!).

Twin Grey Side Tables

They each measure:
21 inches high
17 inches wide
29 inches long

As always, if you are interested in any of these items, they are available on a first come, first served basis. Please contact me through email at or by text 403.700.0877.

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