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Monday, 24 September 2012

Rosebud ~ September Edition

I took this picture with Instagram on my way home from Rosebud today. You can see that with views like this, it is not a hardship for me to drive east for an hour....

I brought a few things with me to fill in some gaps in my little corner of the Mercantile. 

Matching Nightstands in Cayman Blue.

A "Wild Side" bookcase.

Lightly Distressed Black Bookcase

Shabby Chair with Chevron Seat.

Here are a few shots of the installed pieces (plus a few left from last time.): 

There is a gray bench and a very sweet headboard for a twin bed as well as a few wire frames and chalkboards. The wreaths continue to be popular and I really try to make each one unique!

I met another one of Rosebud's residents through Kijiji and was lucky enough to be invited for coffee this morning. She is the proprietor of a very unique B&B there. I come away from this town happy every time I go!

This season's play is Tuesdays With Morrie which is getting great reviews. Do yourself a favour and take a drive east of the QE2 and discover what this little town has to offer....

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