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Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Very Full Week!

{A Distressing Cabinet}

Okay, the cabinet is not distressing, but I have been distressed seeing it here looking so cute for a few days with no energy to get this post up. A few weeks ago things were a little slow so I accepted a very short term position working the phones for Elections Canada. Since then, things have really picked up and I am so excited by the projects I am getting ready right now! I have also discovered that I have a capacity to really enjoy working outside of my house and interacting with the general public. This has been a bit of surprise as I normally like to be alone when I have the chance. Anyway, no one is reading this to hear about my personality problems...

So here is my new little beauty:

I am still in my beachy blue phase ~ I am loving the feel it gives peeking through the white. I have switched whites to Benjamin Moore's  Cloud White and really like the way it works with the stain I like to layer with sometimes.

This cabinet was a fun find at a local thrift store. It needed a some imagination and work to go from this:

To this:

I think it would be great on a large mantle or display area to add some height and interest while displaying some smalls. I also like the idea of hanging it in a small powder room or bedroom to store small toiletry items....

I have been debating getting an air stapler and my dad kindly offered to lend me his for a while. It has MADE. MY. LIFE. Honestly, it makes putting in the poultry netting look so pro and it goes together so much better than the crippling staple gun. This is one of my first projects using it and it makes me want to staple everything I see. So much fun!

It measures 25.5"H x 13"W x 12.25"D.

If you are interested in acquiring this, please click RIGHT HERE.  

I have also just been commissioned to work on the sweetest little cabinet ~ I look forward to getting started on that this weekend!


Dawn said...

This is adorable Lisa!
Oh how I wish I had your eye for things that are "undone"...and knowing what they could be!!!

hour25 said...

Thanks Dawn! Your feedback always makes me feel good...