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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Something a little different...

{A Lovely Commission} 

A few weeks ago Tracie contacted me about this adorable little cabinet she had recently scored on Kijiji. After I got over my jealousy, I was very excited to have a chance to make this little piece over. Tracie wanted it a dark grey and felt it needed a little glamour. This was the tired little cupboard a few weeks ago:

Very nice lines with lots of potential....

Obviously well-loved by a previous owner.
It needed few small repairs and a good sanding, but easily turned into something really special. Tracie's plan is to use it to stash her two dogs' unglamorous necessities. What a camoflague ~ I love the idea so much ~ now I need to find my own cabinet to with which to do something similar. 

I had some beautiful grey from Ralph Lauren's metallic collection that I thought would be a nice finish. It has a very slight metallic quality to it that helps to catch the light and gives it some sparkle without being glossy or shiny. The intention is that you use it with one of RL's special brushes/rollers, but I tried it out with my regular sponge style for a smoother finish and it worked out quite nicely.

I still had some pretty wallpaper left that matched the paint perfectly so I used that to line the inside back for a little fun when the cabinet is opened. We used some pretty glass knobs that Tracie had chosen to finish the new look.

I hope that Tracie and her pups will make long and good use of this sweet little cupboard. I was so happy to have met her ~ we discovered a mutual love of a local bakery ~The Avenue Cakery and Bakeshoppe ~ particularly the amazing cupcakes! Look at what she brought for me!

It is sitting quietly in my fridge right now waiting for the kids to go to bed so that I can eat it without sharing... Don't tell them!

In our area of Alberta we are on Spring Break (it is barely spring anymore ~ the very outside idea of spring break) so I haven't listed anything for a week or so. We are in and out with activities so it can be difficult to coordinate a pick up. I do have some small pieces ready to list next week though, so stay tuned!

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