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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Back to Black

2 Black Tables

Side Table with Drawer

I am posting two tables today as I finished them both this afternoon and they have some things in common. They are black and they are tables. Right...

So first up was a perfect candidate for an upcycle. It was a perfect little table with a drawer and an open area ~ very sturdy and in perfect shape, but SO dated and boring.

This was just screaming for a make over. I took off the legs and sprayed them silver and black and also reused an old leftover drawer pull from another project. I primed and painted it black and then lightly distressed the edges. The glam factor went up with the metallic wallpaper peeking out from the interior as well as lining the drawer.

17.25" wide
16" deep
22.75" high

To purchase this table, please email me or see the ad here.

Two Storey Black Table

This is a really great sized table. It is so great to have the extra storage area on the bottom. I did this one the with the same black paint as the other table but the unique carving on the table top really pops with the distressed edges. It started out fairly basic:

I am so pleased with how the black makes it really special.

30.5" long
18.5" wide
18" high

To purchase this table, email me directly or contact me through the kijiji ad here.

I have several commissioned pieces that I hope to finish in the next day or so that I am excited to share! Through the magic of kijiji I have also scored some great finds that I think I might try to use in my own home.... Stay tuned!

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