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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mad Rush

We are in the homestretch to the big day! I think I am finished my shopping, other than those last few stocking stuffer types of things... I have been trying to pace myself ~ working in the morning and hitting the shops for an hour or two in the afternoon. So far I haven't killed anyone so I consider this a successful method...

I am madly finishing a few projects for some customers before my kids are finished with school next week. We have had a crazy fall and I want to be able to dedicate some time to being a family while they are off school. My husband has also booked some time off after Christmas which is a first for us so I want to be sure to enjoy it. The last month has been cray-zee.

This beautiful cabinet went home with Raelynn this afternoon.

This was inherited from her Grandmother so it had a lot of sentimental value. It also had a distinctive 70s flavour that did not go with Raelynn's beautiful home. 

She wanted to incorporate it into her decor. It was in terrific shape, but obviously dated. I gave it a good sanding and priming and painted it Graystone from Benjamin Moore. I just love this grey as it is a true grey and doesn't end up looking green or blue. The louvers in the doors are sooooo charming ~ I wanted to be sure to highlight them with some extra distressing.

Instead of replacing the hardware, I sprayed it with Krylon's flat black and I love the way they turned out. They are so pretty this way. I also lined the drawer and back of the cabinet with the last of my black and white wallpaper.

This is such a nice and pretty surprise and really finishes this piece off so nicely. 

I love to be able to re-invigorate these old classics. When they come from someone who is loved and cherished, it is so nice to be able to incorporate them back into a family home while adding some contemporary flair. 

The countdown is ON.

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