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Monday, 13 February 2012

February 13, 2012

{A Mexican Makeover}

Before Christmas I was talking to my friend Pam and she told me that she had this Mexican style table and chairs that she had scored at a garage sale for a steal a few years ago. She knew it had potential but she had never got around to doing anything with it. The combination of a huge house renovation and her husband threatening to take it to the dump was enough to get her to call me.... Yay!

This is where things started:

There were six chairs and this really cool table with a very rustic quality. They had been infused with some sort of oil so the wood was very smooth. In the picture above, you can see that one of the chairs had needed a repair, which Pam's neighbour kindly took care of.

Since the kitchen had been freshly remodelled, Pam wanted the table and chairs to fit in the eating area and look like they belonged there. Her new cabinets are an off-white with black accents throughout. We decided to do the table black to provide a solid grounding and to also do two of the chairs black. The remaining four chairs I painted ivory white and heavily distressed them to let some of the wood show through again.

Pam is a fantastic photographer so she was kind enough to take a few pictures for me to share of the table and chairs in her amazing home.

I rubbed the paint along the wood detail on the table top to showcase some of the interesting lines.

One of the remaining chairs still needs a little repair so she doesn't have the black ones set up yet. I am just finishing the second one and they turned out great as well!

This was such a fun project ~ especially as the before and after is so dramatic! Thanks to Pam for trusting me to do this for her in her lovely, lovely home.

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