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Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday Catch-up

If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that I made a little trip out to the Rosebud Mercantile this week to add a few pieces to the dwindling inventory I have there. I just thought I would share a few photos of what I left behind....

I didn't realize that the light was so bad until I downloaded the pictures when I got home. Naturally, I was in a hurry and attention to detail sort of slips away. I'm sure that this does not happen to anyone else!

This is a fabulous chippy little desk ~ it looks rough, but it is cleaned up and smooth and funky. I love the way the layers of paint show through. This look is not for everyone, but it can look great if you have that hipster/boho look going on. I added some pretty vintage hardware and some wallpaper to the drawers for some glam detail.

I also did up a few small wooden bowls that had lived a hard life previously.

These are a fun little pop of seasonal colour and I love doing them!

I can't believe I didn't take a better picture of this coat rack, because I think it was my favourite thing! You can see glimpses of it in the other pictures, but seriously! I love this so much!

This is a sweet little shabby shelf painted a ballet pink with vintage hardware for hanging jewelry or other pretty things.

There are a few other little tables and wreaths too.

This place is such a treasure. I encourage Albertans to check it out! This summer Anne of Green Gables is playing and will be worth the trip. The Mercantile and other little galleries are open from Wednesday - Thursday 12-8 during the summer. It is a small (teeny, tiny) little town, but the artists installed in the galleries are amazing. Even if you are traveling to Drumheller to see the Royal Tyrrell Museum, this is on your way. We are so fortunate to have this great arts community in a beautiful spot!

Coming up on Monday I will have a couple of fun things for sale. If you love that turquoise-y blue and need a dresser, you might want to check back! 

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