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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rosebud Mercantile Delivery Day!

How many Timbits can a person eat in an hour while driving? The answer is that you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. Just know that it is probably far, far too many.... ugh.

The hour25 selection was a bit light at Rosebud so it was time to take another trip out east to re-stock. It was a beautiful morning today and nice to drive while it was still cool. I just wanted to share a few of the pieces that I added with you...

This is a great dresser that I painted the popular turquoise. I did the drawers in a patchy style with some pretty scraps which I think turned out quite nicely.

The leaner ladder is new and I did up a few more BookPage Wreaths.

Lemony Snicket BookPage Wallflower

This is a more traditional wreath using sacred choral music and a little leftover (non-pasted) wallpaper.

I used the bookcover for the base of these "Wallflowers" and stacked the "petals" to cover it so it ends up looking a little like a flower. This one is pretty large ~ I used a vintage book called Yearbook of Agriculture 1949. There are a few cool illustrations peeking through that I like.

This is an old window frame which had glass in very nice condition. I added chalkboard paint to the centre so that the background would still show through. It is large and will make an interesting statement in a kitchen or entryway. I love this piece!

I did up a few little side tables and some small wooden bowls and some small chalkboards too. The midcentury style table is painted the same coral colour as the dresser I sold this week. It is really pretty! I am looking for another piece to use it on!

I like the little 6-sided table with the caning on the bottom too. The legs are very pretty and interesting with all the details distressed.

I made up a few more wire frames and added little clothespins with vintage bookpages on them to fancy them up a bit. I will definitely do more of those ~ they are so charming and cute!

Speaking of charming and cute, my daughter came along today and I paid her in Timbits (the ones I didn't eat...). She is very helpful with setting things out and holding doors. 

I am excited to have these pieces installed and ready for purchase! Let me know what you think if you are in the area ~ I love feedback!

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