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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

{Chalkboard Message Board}


I would just like to start today by saying that I am so thankful for all of the encouraging emails and comments from the people who are reading this blog as well as from customers and friends ~ it really makes doing all of this that much more fun!

This is a great little number for helping to organize the clutter of mail, flyers and menus as well as adding some fun and flair to family messages and grocery lists.

It is a standard chalkboard thingy from Ikea. I found it about a month or so ago in a thrift store in serious need of some attention. I am not sure if it was missing some parts, but it looked pretty sad to me.

I refreshed the chalkboard area with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint as it was fairly scratched and worn. I painted the wood frame with a few coats of my favourite white and lightly distressed the edges. To add to the utility, I added some cork inserts to the front for small lists, pictures, tickets, etc.

I think it is pretty cute and has been made over into something a little nicer than the standard Ikea item.

28 inches high
18 inches wide
3.5 inches deep (at widest point)

If you are interested in purchasing this little guy, email me or click HERE to see the ad.

If you have an ugly duckling piece at home that you would like to talk about transforming into a lovely swan, please feel free to contact me at


Anonymous said...

So great! And so much nicer than the originals:)
Nice job!!

hour25 said...

I finally looked at your site ~ you are doing some really cool stuff!