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Monday, 30 May 2011

A Series of Smalls ~ Part 1

In the past few months I have picked up a few smallish items that I thought could use a little freshening up. There was nothing really wrong with them aside from being dated, ugly, and dusty. There is a lot of satisfaction that comes from working on small pieces as they generally can come together quickly and are fun to do.

{For the Birds Bulletin Board}


This was just an old picture frame with whatever it had housed previously removed. It had the metallic trim and a bit of a dated look, but was solid and interesting.

I see that my carpet could have used a vacuum before I took this picture, but you take the good with the bad here...

Anyway, I had painted it white a few weeks ago and had been thinking about what to do with it and came up with the idea of a bulletin board. They are generally so plain and utilitarian looking. It is nice to make something useful a little bit more interesting. I had picked up some really fun graphic fabric from Ikea for another project that I had changed my mind about using but it seemed so perfect for this makeover. A little bit of distressing and some cork and you wouldn't recognize it!

It is a decent size for a bulletin board, plus I think the graphic is nice enough on its own so you don't feel you have to fill it up.

30 inches high
23.75 inches wide

To purchase, email me or go to the Kijiji ad here.

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