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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Series of Smalls ~ Part 2

I think that the birdie bulletin board is sold already ~ I am just waiting for confirmation! It is such a beautiful morning today and I am in a good (if sentimental) mood as it is my son's 11th birthday today... He is a great kid, but it is amazing how fast those years zip by.

I thought that today I would offer something a little bit different. I have been seeing these little wooden breadboxes around so I thought I would see what could be done with one. It turned out to be a cute little refresher for this one.

{Not Your Grandma's Breadbox}

This project started out looking like the standard 90's style wood breadbox.

It had seen some wear and tear, but a good sanding, paint and hardware really freshened things up. It still looked a little plain to me so I added a chalkboard area on the little door. I lined the inside with some pretty wallpaper and now I think it would be a great way to store any number of things out of sight.


Kids' Art Supplies

Your Afternoon Caffeine *Fix*

A Selection of Teas

Chocolate Stash

I guess you could use it for you know, bread....

Just something little and fun for today. If you would like to purchase this item, email me or see the Kijiji ad here.

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