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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

February 15, 2012

{Twin Nightstands}

The great thing about getting brand new furniture for yourself is that it leaves you with old dated stuff to transform! I love the idea of taking Mom and Dad's old stuff and reworking it into something custom and special for the kids.

Jamie and her husband bought themselves beautiful new bedroom furniture a few years ago and had demoted their wedding era pieces to the guest room. They were really solid pieces, just dated and needing some extra TLC. Their family is in the middle of a massive renovation project ~ the perfect time to re-invent some of these classics. Jamie has twin 9 year old girls who are each getting a new bedroom in the reno and they each needed a new nightstand. Time to resurrect these bad boys from the guest room!

There were two nightstands like this. That green was a pleasure to repaint!

Each girl has a very unique personality and has chosen a theme for her room. The colours are similar so we decided to pick a colour that would work in both, but I wanted to be sure that each girl felt that her piece was special for her. These girls are a very big part of my own daughter's life and so they are special to me too. I did a little extra shopping on etsy to find hardware that would go with each one's chosen theme and personality.

First of all, I chose a colour that was inspired by the turquoise that I used a lot last year. It is fun and bright, but I decided to chose a colour close to it, but a little toned down. This is Florida Keys Blue from Ben Moore.

For the first nightstand, I had a little fun with the beach theme that S chose. I had some old pulls from the nursery hutch I did in January that I thought would be perfect with a little touch up. I sprayed one green and thought it was adorable! The bonus being that I was able to reuse it!

A few weeks ago I came across a large selection of vintage wallpaper samples in a thrift store for $.25! I chose one that matched perfectly for the drawer.

Its like I planned it!

For the second stand, I painted it the same colour, but E is crazy for horses so I wanted to add a little horsey-ness to this one. I found a rustic pull online and painted it ivory and distressed it a bit.

This looks pretty cute, right?

I used some pretty wallpaper that has been shown here before.....

The stands looked so pretty without the doors so for now, we are leaving them off. They are actually painted and ready to attach, so if needed, they can be put back on. 

I love the way they coordinate, but still reflect each girls' personality in a subtle way.

Hand me downs can look terrific!

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