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Sunday, 27 March 2011

A New View

{Rustic Window}

This is another old window that I have just essentially cleaned up. It was in pretty rough condition and had been stored outside for many years. This has added a distinct weathered look to the wood, which I love. I think that this rustic stuff looks so great next to some glam. I may be part magpie as I love anything that sparkles right now, but the juxtaposition between rough and sparkly is very appealing to me.

Once I took out the old glass and putty (a lesson in patience), I replaced it with some poultry netting (also known as chicken wire ~ a hardware store guy once called it poultry netting and it has stuck with me) to add some function.

It looks so great with little clothespins to hang pictures or cards. I also love it with other seasonal embellishments:

I gave it a good sanding so the wood won't give any slivers and the layers of paint show through nicely. The sanding revealed a pale green and a white coat of paint.

This window measures 20"W x 25 1/4"H. If you are interested in it, please go HERE to purchase.

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Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

That's adorable, I love the idea of the chicken wire!