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Monday, 4 July 2011

A Desk Make-Over

Well, June has been a hectic month! I haven't posted anything as we have been busy every weekend doing recitals, tournaments, ceremonies and lots of birthday parties... It gets difficult to arrange pick ups when everyone else is just as busy in June. I have continued working with many projects though and hope to get most of them posted during the next week or two. First up I have this crazy cute desk that Alicia found at a garage sale for next to nothing.

It was a fixer-upper for sure, but the perfect size for a little girl's room. This baby needed a few repairs and some sanding to get into painting shape, but she turned out very nicely:

We changed out the pulls for some vintage-y looking glass knobs and I lightly distressed the whole piece. I like how this can showcase some of the history this desk has seen. Those dents and scrapes become so much more interesting this way:

After applying a layer of wax for protection, I added the finishing touch in the drawers:

A nice fresh liner to keep the pretty on the inside too.

I have several commissioned pieces on the go right now ~ they are all unique pieces that are undergoing some serious transformations. I look forward to sharing!

If you have a neglected piece of furniture that you would like to see "made-over", please contact me and we can discuss your vision!


Kymp said...

I think this desk unfinished is actually in Madi's room right now. I am seeing possibilities..

hour25 said...

I think I actually had one very similar growing up as well! It can actually be very pretty and charming...