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Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Secretary Desk Makeover


This was another garage sale find from Alicia. She had a space in mind for it at her house, but wanted it prettied up to match the rest of her space. 

She found it like this:

Definitely lots of potential but tired and a little too country-ish.

It was in great condition so I lightly sanded it, primed and painted it with a very light cream colour. After it was dry, I lightly distressed it and gave it a polish with some wax. I added some wallpaper to the back of the desk area as well as to line each drawer.

In order to save some money on hardware, I sprayed the pulls with a black lacquer spray paint to freshen them up.

This was a great project. Thank you to Alicia!

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

Looks great! Knobs like those are amazing and should always be reused!!! I'm not sure if you were implying you would have bought new ones and only kept these old ones to save money, but never, ever do that...these kinds of knobs really are beautiful and hard to come by. Just my two cents ;)