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Friday, 7 October 2011

Super Fast Portrait Silhouettes

This is a super fast and trendy little project that is perfect if you happen to be hosting a crowd this weekend and need a little something special to fill in a neglected corner somewhere. I am sure there are lots of places on-line that will show you a beautiful way to accomplish this, but I like how quick and dirty this is.

What you need:

digital camera
basic photo editing software
heavy duty glue (I like GOOP)
picture hangers
roll of vinyl chalkboard (I found this at Dollarama for $1)
some sort of surface to hang put it on (plate, mirror, picture frame)

I took pictures of my kids in profile standing in front of a sunny window.

I just used the iPhoto editing tools included on my Mac and increased the contrast as much as I could and chose to convert it to black and white.

I printed these and cut them out (just choose an appropriate size for your project).

You can choose which was you would like them to face ~ just trace them onto the back of the chalkboard vinyl, then cut out the silhouette, peel the backing off and stick it on your chosen surface.

I found these crumpled edge metal plates at Urban Barn in the clearance area for about $5/ea. This would work well on a white plate or a frame with a nice fabric or paper under the glass as well.

After I had positioned the portraits, I glued a picture hanger on the back (be careful to centre it to your subject's head) using Goop.

That glue is like magic. I haven't found anything yet that it won't stick together.


That was about 10 or 15 minutes, at the most. I think my son's is a bit more successful as more of his features seem to show. I think it is his hair ~ maybe if I would do it again, I would try to be sure that my daughter's had something more distinctive showing, but overall, I think it works!

I had a couple of smaller platters that I had picked up at the same time and I decided to hang them all together.

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